Image of a hot air balloon


Love is in the Air

Love Hot Air Balloon Rides is the ultimate venue to declare your love to that special someone. Hot air balloons are an exciting and unexpected addition to that romantic celebration, especially with our unique heart-shaped balloon! Whether it be for a surprise proposal, spectacular backdrop to your wedding and/or wedding reception, or romantic adventure as an anniversary gift, we are ready to make your special event an unforgettable lifetime memory!

Here are just a couple of ideas…

Plan that surprise proposal with your special someone blindfolded to a location suitable for our balloon to be in the backdrop. Weather permitting, then launch for a spectacular romantic balloon ride.

We are capable of making an extremely large, personalized banner displayed on the face of our heart-shaped-shaped balloon (i.e. “Will You Marry Me Caroline”). All you have to do is be in a location on the ground to propose where the wind is taking us. We can coordinate specific areas with our radios and chase crew.