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Our Story

John, who has been involved in the world of aviation since his youth, began his fascination with hot air ballooning watching the Garcia’s Pizza in a Pan balloon fly over University of Illinois football games in the 70’s. Image of Captain JohnAs a Naval Flight Officer, John experienced the thrill of aircraft carrier life before pursuing a career as an airline pilot. From parachuting out of military aircraft to flying everything from small Cessnas to turboprops to corporate jets, he currently flies the 747 all over the world. After flying with a fellow pilot several years ago, who happened to fly hot air balloons worldwide on the side, the conversation sparked John’s childhood interest in ballooning. He has since obtained his commercial Lighter Than Air Pilot Certificate.

John and Caroline Bell began their love story on 12/12/12…their first date. Caroline was hooked on hot air ballooning when John surprised her for a birthday ride years ago. Their ride was magical with the serenity, peacefulness, and scenic beauty unmatched by any other amazing adventure a couple could experience together. The joint decision was made to want to have others, couples or not, experience that same unparalleled magical adventure. The Bells’ newlywed friends suggested they purchase a heart-shaped balloon since they were planning to move to Loveland. That all sounded great except for the added costs associated with a special-shaped balloon. Fast forward a month later when John was diagnosed with breast cancer, the decision was made to move ahead with the heart-shaped balloon…the only one of its kind in the U.S.. After all, we get one life on this planet and we should make the best of it, right? The experience has motivated the Bells to want to spread love and joy, all while taking in the scenic beauty of the beautiful earth from treetop level to a few thousand feet in their unique balloon. Like the lyrics in the 1967 classic song, Up, Up, and Away… 🎶 Would you like to ride in our beautiful balloon? 🎶 We say YES! We know it will be an unforgettable experience.

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