Image of a hot air balloon

Meet The Team

John Bell

Captain John has been involved in the world of aviation since his youth. His fascination with hot air ballooning started as a kid watching the Garcia’s Pizza in a Pan hot air balloon fly over University of Illinois football games in the 70’s. As a Naval Flight Officer, John experienced the thrill of the aircraft carrier life before pursuing a career as an airline pilot.

Matt Ercole

Matt was born in Pennsylvania, and served as a Military Police Officer in the US Army in the 1980s. After his service, he joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue Dive Team. Matt and his wife June have been living in Loveland since 2008, enjoying the beautiful scenery and friendly community. Matt was an Intensive Care RN for 20 years and enjoys fly fishing and making key lime pies. He has been crewing the Agape Hot Air Balloon since the Summer 2023.

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