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Frequently Asked Questions

Love Hot Air Balloon Rides is the ultimate venue to declare your love to that special someone. Hot air balloons are an exciting and unexpected addition to that romantic celebration, especially with our unique heart-shaped balloon! Whether it be for a surprise proposal, spectacular backdrop to your wedding and/or wedding reception, or romantic adventure as an anniversary gift; we are ready to make your special event an unforgettable lifetime memory!

How much does it cost to go on a balloon flight?2023-11-07T09:16:42-07:00

We have two flight packages to choose from:

Shared Flight – $375/person

  • This flight is approximately one hour in length.
  • Includes traditional post-flight champagne celebration (or sparkling cider alternative).
  • Our basket will hold 4 adults (weight and outside air temperature dependent), not including the pilot.
  • A post-flight Aeronaut Certificate suitable for framing will be issued to you after the flight.

Private Flight for two – $1,200 per couple

  • This flight is approximately one hour in length.
  • Includes post-flight traditional champagne celebration (or sparkling cider alternative).
  • A post-flight certificate suitable for framing will be issued to you after the flight.
  • $250/for each additional person.

What about Romantic Engagement, Wedding, or Anniversary Options?

  • This is our specialty! Look at our section relating to engagements, weddings, & anniversaries.
How do I get back to my car?2023-08-08T16:40:47-06:00
  • There will be a chase vehicle that follows your balloon for the entire duration of the flight. Once landed, the Love Hot Air Balloon Rides chase crew will drive you back to our original meeting point.
Do we pay in advance for our flight?2023-08-08T16:39:24-06:00
  • We only require a 50% down payment in order to reserve an advanced date.
How can we pay?2023-08-08T16:38:51-06:00
  • We accept most major credit cards through our online booking application on our website, or if you book by phone at (970) 300-3332. After the flight, when the other 50% is due, we’ll accept either credit card, cash, or check made out to Love Hot Air Balloon Rides.
What medical condition would prevent me from going on a balloon ride?2023-08-08T16:37:45-06:00
  • Women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant.
  • No one with recent injuries to the neck, back, or legs. (no body braces, walking boots, casts, or slings).
  • No walkers or canes are required for standing. There are no benches in the basket. You will be standing the entire flight.
  • Please call or e-mail us directly if you have any concerns or need more information.
What can cause a flight cancellation?2023-08-08T16:36:41-06:00
  • At Love Hot Air Balloon Rides, our top priority is the safety of our passengers, crew, and equipment. While we love offering you an unforgettable experience in the sky, unfortunately, sometimes flights must be canceled or rescheduled.  Various factors can cause cancellations, but typically the weather is the culprit.  If a flight is delayed or canceled due to inclement weather, we will contact you to reschedule or refund you if you can’t reschedule.
What is a Chase Crew?2023-08-08T16:36:01-06:00
  • The chase crew members assist in the inflation process, and are in radio contact with the pilot throughout the duration of the flight. They will meet you when you land and assist in packing up the balloon. They are also there for your safety, so please follow their instructions.
How long will we be in the air?2023-08-08T16:34:47-06:00
  • Depending on the weather and wind, you’ll be in the air for at least 45 minutes and sometimes longer than an hour. Please allow approximately 2-3 hours for your entire adventure, from the time we meet until the time we return you to your vehicles.
What is a flight like?2023-08-08T16:33:08-06:00
  • Once the balloon is inflated, we will fly from ground level to a couple thousand feet above the ground, depending on wind direction and speed. When the burners are activated, the temperature will be a few degrees warmer than the surrounding air.  The sensation will be like you’re floating and very peaceful (other than the sound of the burners).  Your experienced pilot steers the balloon by moving it to different altitudes to take advantage of the differing wind patterns.
What should I bring with me?2023-08-08T16:32:20-06:00
  • Sunglasses…even though we launch around sunrise, once the sun comes up, it can be very bright.
  • Sunscreen…which is easy to forget since you’ll be getting dressed before the sun comes up.
  • Camera!…you’ll want to share your pictures and videos with everyone!
What should we wear?2023-08-08T16:30:47-06:00
  • In general, dress as though you were going for a nature hike for a few hours. Wear closed-toed shoes like sneakers or boots. Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, Crocks, clogs, or high heels, etc. The balloon may land in rough or wet terrain and you want to protect your feet. If the season is cool, dress in layers so you can add or remove clothing to ensure your comfort.
  • Long pants in both summer and winter are recommended to protect your legs from the cold or high brush at the landing site.
  • Due to our balloon traveling with the wind, there won’t be a “wind chill.”
  • For those individuals that are taller or hair-challenged, a hat is advisable. If your noggin is near our burners, it is similar to standing near a fireplace. So, ultimately, the coldest body part will be your toes.
  • Ultimately, if you dress to the ground temperature, you should be comfortable in the air as well!
Is it cold in a hot air balloon?2023-08-08T16:28:25-06:00
  • No, the temperature on the ground is similar to the temperature in the air while in flight. Even though we lose a few degrees with altitude, it is balanced by the sunrise and the fact you can’t feel the wind since we flow with it.
What is safe ballooning weather?2023-08-08T16:27:34-06:00
  • Ballooning typically takes place at the beginning of each day just after sunrise, or couple hours just before sunset.  These times are when the atmosphere is most stable with relatively calm winds.
  • Surface winds under 8 mph during takeoff and landing.
  • Clear radar returns in a range from 75-100 miles.
  • Winds under 25 mph between 1,000 and 3,000 feet.
  • In-depth weather analysis tools as well as a briefing with a Flight Service representative always take place prior to the decision to launch, delay, or reschedule.
Can you steer a hot air balloon?2023-08-08T16:12:40-06:00
  • The balloon becomes a part of the wind, just as if you stepped onto a walking escalator and stood still (so no is the answer). What the pilot can do is change altitudes to take advantage of different wind directions at various altitudes.  By climbing and descending, the pilot can find an altitude where the wind is favorable for the flight.  The world’s largest balloon festival takes place in Albuquerque, NM every October.  What makes that location popular are the frequent “box winds.”  That simply means the winds at the ground tend to send the balloon in one direction, but when you climb a little higher, the winds can actually shift 180 degrees.  That enables the pilot to climb after launch to find that wind, causing the balloon to reverse direction.  Now the balloon will travel with the wind at a higher altitude past the launch site.  By descending back down in altitude, it is possible to catch the original surface wind which can carry the balloon very close to where the balloon lifted off.
How does a balloon fly?2023-08-08T16:11:12-06:00
  • Hot air balloons fly on the principle that warm air (weighing less than cooler air) rises. The balloon (known as the envelope) captures that warmer air. With a large enough volume of warmer air inside the envelope compared to the surrounding air, the entire balloon begins to rise.  To keep the air warmer inside the envelope, the pilot activates a burner (fueled by propane) which propels a hot flame upward into the envelope.
What is the most important thing to know about your balloon ride with Love Hot Air Balloon Rides?2023-08-08T17:02:16-06:00
  • Safety is The #1 priority. With that in mind, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate the day we all would like to fly.  What may seem like a “perfect” day to fly to you, isn’t always the case based on the surrounding micro & macro weather conditions. Therefore, it is not uncommon to delay or cancel a flight.  We understand the frustration, and will do everything we can to minimize your inconvenience. Of course, you can reschedule or obtain a full refund.
Do I need to tip?2023-08-22T17:13:48-06:00
  • Tipping is never expected but always appreciated. Our pilot and crew members share their tips. Tips may be offered in the form of cash, Venmo, Zelle, or added to your credit card invoice.

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